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Peter Jansen, IMC Secretary 

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What is IMG?

IMG, the ICOMIA Marinas Group, is a working group of the world marine industries body, International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA). It is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the sharing and exchange of technical and professional information concerning the development of marinas, dry-stack boat storage, boat ramps and other marine infrastructure around the globe. It also promotes best practice operational and environmental management of such facilities as well as fostering nautical tourism in the process.

The IMG conducts outreach education programs for the benefit of developers, owners and operators of marinas, yacht harbours and dry-stack boat storage facilities as well as nautical tourism promoters in both the private and public sectors. These programs are linked to the IMG meetings which are held two to three times a year in different parts of the world with the participation of local marina and yacht harbour organisations as well as government authorities.

Every third year IMG organises a world-renowned global marina industry education conference. This triennial ICOMIA World Marinas Conference features professional presentations from a broad range of international industry experts. It is usually held in conjunction with the national marine industry association (MIA) of the host country. ICOMIA World Marinas Conferences have been held in Amsterdam (1993), Genoa (1996), Fort Lauderdale (1999), Sydney (2002), San Diego (2005) Ostend (2008), Singapore (2011), Istanbul (2014) and Amsterdam 2016.  The next one will be held in Athens in October 2018

Task Forces

The IMG currently has four task forces - EU Marinas, IMC Conference Planning, Natural Disaster Preparedness and Public Relations

As an outcome of its Group and task force meetings, outreach programs and conferences, the IMG has established a library of information and professional papers covering many aspects of recreational boating facilities development and management. In addition, the IMG library contains relevant papers from various marina industry sources as well as other marina industry conferences in which IMG Members have participated.

Joining IMG

Full Membership of IMG is available to Marine Industry Associations (MIAs) in membership with ICOMIA.  It is also available to marina associations whether they are members of an ICOMIA MIA or not.

Associate Membership is available to individuals participating directly or indirectly in marina industry activities, research, promotion and the like.

Membership of IMG is free for both Full and Associate Members. Full Membership however requires active participation of the Member who may not miss more than two (2) consecutive meetings without leave of the IMG.

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