The International Council of Marine Industry Associations' Marine Engine Committee (IMEC), was formed in 1972 to bring together the major recreational marine engine manufacturers. It is a separate trade association but has a support agreement with ICOMIA. IMEC represents the recreational marine engine and personal watercraft manufacturers worldwide.


Jeff Wasil
Chairman Jeff Wasil
Tom Tveitan
Vice Chairman Tom Tveitan
Hans Sipkema
Regulations & PWC T/F Leader Hans Sipkema
John Lasschuit
Statistics T/F Leader John Lasschuit
Robert Alsip
Member Robert Alsip
Chuck  Rowe
Member Chuck Rowe
Dick Rowe
Member Dick Rowe
Erwin Segers
Member Erwin Segers
Jason  Stimmel
Member Jason Stimmel
Patrick  Hemp
Secretariat Patrick Hemp
Udo Kleinitz
Secretariat Udo Kleinitz
Sam Behrmann
Observer Sam Behrmann
John McKnight
Observer John McKnight
Peter Scherm
Observer Peter Scherm