Declaration of Conformity for Boatbuilders as well as PWC & Marine Engine Manufacturers

Author: ICOMIA
Date: 3/5/2018

The new Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft Directive (RCD) 2013/53/EU, which became applicable on 18 January 2016, requires a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to be issued with each craft, personal watercraft or marine engine placed on the EU market.

The Directive specifies what information the EU Declaration of Conformity shall contain but does not specify the exact format. Please refer to ANNEX IV of the 2013/53/EU Directive for the specific legal requirements.

A harmonised format for an EU DoC has been created as an answer to manufacturers’ and Notified Bodies’ requests for an interpretation of the statutory requirements of the Directive as guidance.

The following templates have been agreed by market surveillance representatives from Member States (ADCO Group) as well as the European Commission and provide all the information judged necessary to satisfy the market surveillance authorities in the EU/EEA Member States.
- Declaration of Conformity of Recreational Craft with the Design, Construction and Noise Emission requirements
- Declaration of Conformity for Personal Watercraft (PWC)
- Declaration of Conformity for Recreational Craft Propulsion Engines (outboard engines and sterndrive engines with integral exhaust)
- Declaration of Conformity for Recreational Craft Propulsion Engines (inboard engines and stern drive engines without integral exhaust)

Please use the correct DoC template in the language of the country where the boat is to be marketed. Currently only the version relating to the design, construction and noise emission requirements of recreational craft has been translated but we are working on completing PWC and propulsion engines versions. This version also has a guidance note detailing how to complete the template.