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Italian Marine Industry Association - UCINA

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UCINA – Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association (Unione Nazionale dei Cantieri e delle Industrie Nautiche e Affini) is a non-profit organization representing the interests of companies working in the field of pleasure crafts.
UCINA, with headquarters in Genoa, is a member of Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry), and sits in the group’s Infrastructure, Logistics and Transports, Fiscal, and European Committees.
Now that the new Statute has been formally approved, UCINA wishes to renew and strengthen its connection with CONFINDUSTRIA, also in consideration of the growing  work load involved in supporting the manufacturing sector.
UCINA works to develop the nautical sector, promotes boating and sea culture, and the development of pleasure-craft tourism in Italy.
UCINA interacts on an institutional level with political, social, and governmental forces.  Internationally, UCINA plays an active part in ICOMIA and ELMIF (the European Leisure Marine Industries Federation) to promote the maritime sector in Europe and in the world.
UCINA collects, develops and publishes data on ongoing production and tourism boating trends, both in the internal and in the international markets, the latter often being successfully supplied by Italian companies.
UCINA organizes events to promote boating locally, including Genoa's International Boat Show, the “Navigar m’è dolce” (I love boating) campaign, and the Satec Convention, the latest addition in a rich yearly programme of meetings covering the main topics of interest for the maritime sector.
All members, divided by sector of production, distribution and/or services, benefit from UCINA’s assistance, patronage, information and representation, and may also access associative consultancy services on technical as well as legal issues. Since October 2009, with the aim of continuously representing the entire pleasure craft sector, the association has added a new category, "Affiliate Members", to which any participant in the professional life of the boating sector may take part.
UCINA, as part of its education activities, offers training programmes to members of the industry and vocational training for young people who choose to work in the maritime sector.
UCINA has a constantly updated source of information on the boating world through its website

UCINA Membership
UCINA is comprised of:
65% Manufacturing Companies
23% Distributing Companies
10% Services Companies
2% Organizations including companies and other parties

UCINA is also part of :
ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations)
ELMIF (European Leisure Marine Industries Federation)
IFSBO (International Federation of Boat Show Organisers)
AICN (Association Internationale des Congrès des Navigation)

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Amico & Co Srl

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