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Swedish Marine Industries Federation - SWEBOAT

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Hammarby Allé 91, 5 tr
P.O. Box 92065
SE-120 07 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 449 55 90

Fax: +46 8 449 55 95

Contact: Mats Eriksson


SWEBOAT, the Swedish Marine Industries Federation, is the trade organisation representing the Swedish marine industry. The principal objectives of the Federation are: * to promote and protect the common interests of the recreational marine industry; * to create favourable working conditions for the industry; * to be the voice of the industry; * to promote awareness of the important role of the industry; * to create a positive attitude towards boating. The following associations, which together have around 400 member companies, form Sweboat: the Association of Swedish Boating Industries; the Association of Swedish Marine Engine Manufacturers and Importers; the Association of Swedish Marine Wholesalers and Importers; the Association of Swedish Marine Dealers; Interboat; the Association of Swedish Boatyards and Marinas; the Association of Swedish Marina Equipment Manufacturers; other full members, personal and sustaining members. Membership of an association requires a permanent and well-established organisation and manufacturing, sales or service of the products pertaining to the industry. The industry`s joint export promotion activities are conducted through Sweboat Export Association. To participate in these activities membership of any of the above associations is required.