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Boatbuilders invited to consult on ISO standards development for small craft

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ISO working groups developing standards for boats and yachts often are in need of technical validation for the standards at its draft stages. This is in order to best influence the final text which cannot be easily amended once published. In order to improve the sources of validation for ISO Working Groups on Standards, ICOMIA has set up a website where the drafts of future standards can be studied and discussed. Following the upload of the new Stability series in December, registered users can now study the draft text of ISO/FDIS 12215-9 (Scantlings determination for KEELS on sailing craft < 24m). The discussion page on Keel Scantlings will be open until 15 May 2010. Boatbuilders are invited to apply the draft requirements to their existing designs and then submit feedback to the Working Group through the site. Access to the documents can be received by sending a request to and access and registration details will be provided. All comments are posted on the web page and will be circulated through e-mail notification allowing all users to read them. The Convenor of the working group, Gregoire Dolto, and other members will reply to comments if necessary.

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