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ICOMIA publishes Global Conformity Guidelines for Standards

Monday, September 20, 2010

ICOMIA has now published its fourth Global Conformity Guideline for construction standards. The purpose of this is to assist boat builders initially in either the USA or Europe who export across the Atlantic and then have to conform to standards other than those that they normally use. The guideline follows the standard format with two supporting annexes. Guideline Number 4 covers Windows, Portlights and Hatches.


This initiative has involved ICOMIA, ABYC, BMF and NMMA with additional support from IMCI and Rulefinder. Differences with other national standards will also be addressed in due course. Powering, Man overboard recovery and the revised Fuel System Guideline are planned later in the year. In due course we hope to resolve the differences between the standards and achieve one global technical specification.


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