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ICOMIA launches Keel Checker Version 3.0

Monday, June 18, 2012

ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) and Southampton Solent University have launched Keel Checker Version 3.0 in response to ISO-12215 Part 9 being published as a full ISO standard on 8 June 2012.


Keel Checker is a free online tool for assessing whether keel designs are within the parameters of ISO 12215-9 (sailing craft appendages) and is intended to serve as a training aid to help with interpretation of the standard.


Keel Checker V3.0 is now available together with an Excel spreadsheet which may be of assistance to users of the commercial programme 'HullScant'; a programme used to determine floor and girder properties for use in Keel Checker.


“Keel Checker V3.0 is freely available so that engineers can see what Part 9 now involves. I'm delighted that ICOMIA continue to make this tool available on their website” said Dr Robin Loscombe, a member of the ISO working group and a senior lecturer at Southampton Solent University, who developed the valuable testing tool.


Users are reminded that they should obtain the six-digit code to unlock the evaluation version. Codes will be supplied up to June 2014 at which time the position will be reviewed – for more information contact Dr Robin Loscombe.


The software can now be downloaded free of charge from the ICOMIA website. To access the Keel Checker, contact the ICOMIA Secretariat on


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