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ICOMIA Asian Dialogue

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ICOMIA, in collaboration with its member, the Singapore Boating Industry Association (SBIA), is to hold an ICOMIA Asia Members Meeting on 25-April 2015, alongside the Singapore Yacht Show.

The ICOMIA meeting runs after the Asia-Pacific Yachting Conference (full days 21-22 April) and the Asia Boating Forum (mornings only 23-24 April). The five day run of boating industry discourse will give attendees much to think and talk about.

As old world markets have slowed, new world markets have come to the forefront. Naturally, new markets tend not to be well institutionalised, resulting in few ICOMIA members in Asia. This is quite incongruous, because emerging markets have the most to gain from its industry being organised and connected to the world outside its borders.

An ICOMIA meeting to help resolve this is therefore not only needed, but necessary. A luncheon after the members meeting will include regional players who are keen to set up associations in their countries.

ICOMIA had been the catalyst to help spur the formation of SingaporeBoating in 2011 when the ICOMIA World Marina Conference was hosted in Singapore. As the Asian meeting and conventions hub, Singapore is a logical place for ICOMIA’s Asia members to gather. The Singapore Yacht Show (23-26 April) is an added incentive to be there.

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